Jie Ma 


From a long line of traditional Chinese musicians, Jie Ma began studying music and playing the pipa at age 5. She became a professional musician at age 14. Jie received her Bachelor of Music degree from one of China’s top music schools, the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, in 2001. Jie also studied in China under noted pipa masters Wang Fendi, Liu Dehai, and Kuang Yuzhong, and ruan master Jilian Liu. Jie was also an adjunct professor in the music department at Liao Ning Normal University, and she has taught pipa to a wide range of students in China and the United States.

After coming to the United States, in 2004, Jie began exploring the possibilities of blending traditional pipa technique with Western and other sounds. In addition to working with classical musicians and composers, Jie has worked extensively with jazz and rock musicians on experimental and improvisational projects. Jie enjoys playing traditional Chinese arrangements, creating her own works, and fusing Chinese and other styles to create a unique sound that is all hers.


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