Wobbly World is a group of internationally recognized musicians in a powerful and unique collaboration.

Wobbly World's music is an ethno-layering of melodic, rhythmic and poetic ideas from several very different musical traditions that fit powerfully into a brilliant new sound. The message is simple yet deep.

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Who is Wobbly World?

Founded by guitarist Freddy Clarke, Wobbly World is a revolving door of musicians and singers who encompass the sounds of:

Africa          Bulgaria     China        Cuba
Denmark      Iran           Morocco    Netherlands
Pakistan       Paraguay    Syria        Viet Nam & the U.S.

– for a bold, brave, joy-filled celebration of international musical synergy.

Wobbly World's music is a refreshing mix where each player brings a contrasting musical tradition, yet the music flows and soars with a deep sense of cohesion.  We all know that our environment is tenuous, international politics are fragile; it's a Wobbly World out there. But these musicians have made something strong, dynamic and beautiful in response.

When Wobbly World plays it is almost as if the musicians are asking, "If we can bring our music together so beautifully, what else could people from all over the world create together?"  Their ideas and themes are modern, whimsically individual and yet they directly explore the big issues of the environment, personal freedoms and the struggle against bigotry.  The Eastern and Western scales have rarely sounded so natural together.

The band is committed to being the embodiment of the world in successful collaboration.

The group of musicians who make up Wobbly World is ever changing and expanding. Click here to see additional musicians, past and present, that have helped Wobbly World evolve into who they are today.

What is Wobbly World's message?

The unity of music speaks to the unity of life. The freedom to enjoy music without borders leads us to enjoy people without borders. Freddy Clarke calls it Extra Century Perception. It is the energy that spins Wobbly World.

What is Wobbly World's vision?

Music is brilliant in its ability to convey ideas. We feel patriotic when we hear our national anthems and nostalgic when we hear an old favorite tune from our youth. Why not feel connected as one world when we hear music from all over the planet played at once in one song?

Like children, we drop our inhibitions when we play. When we play we trust enough to share. When we share ideas we open ourselves up and can learn from each other. Sharing provides constant evidence of our value in the world. We believe that making music together is a direct metaphor for living peacefully together and creating something beautiful in the process.

Our Vision is that everyone on Earth will know and understand this simple truth.

What is Wobbly World's mission?

Our mission is to play for as many people as we can and to spread the message of our music. We want to expand the international music idiom to include Wobbly World's vision.  We want to broadcast the Music and Message online and in all ways viral.

When and Where is Wobbly World playing next?

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